Gower Folk Festival 2019

14th to 16th June

Friday Night Dance

5:00pm    European Dance Workshop with Karen Pierce and Ken Humphreys
6.30pm    Closed/Sound checks
8:00pm    Deux Sans Frontières (French/Breton Bal)
9:00pm    Vicki Swan (Swedish)
10:00pm    The Eelgrinders (Bal)
11:30pm    Close

Saturday Daytime

1:00pm    Sound Tradition
2:00pm    Vicki Swan and Jonny Dyer
3:00pm    Cup o’Joe
4:00pm    Cohen Braithwaite-Kilcoyne
5:00pm    Vera Van Heeringen Trio
6:00pm    Closed/Sound checks

Saturday Night

7:30pm    Hannah James and Toby Kuhn
8:30pm    Midnight Skyracer
9:45pm    Gordie MacKeeman and His Rhythm Boys
11:30pm    Close

Sunday Daytime

12:00pm    Dance Workshop with Karen Pierce and Ken Humphreys
2:00pm    Morfa
3:00pm    Jack Rutter
4:00pm    Molly Evans
5:00pm    Don’t Feed The Peacocks
6:00pm    Closed/Sound checks

Sunday Night

7:30pm    Edgelarks
8:30pm    The Mischa MacPherson Band
9:45pm    ALAW
11:00pm    Close

Workshop schedule will be announced soon.