Gower Folk Festival 2020

12th to 14th June

Main Marquee

Friday Night Dance

5:00pm    European Dance Workshop with Karen Pierce and Ken Humphreys
6:30pm    Closed/Sound checks
8:00pm    Metheglin
9:30pm    Topette!!
11:30pm    Close

Saturday Daytime

1:00pm    Porembela
2:00pm    Odette Michell
3:00pm    Three Legg’d Mare
4:00pm    Luke Daniels
5:00pm    The Teacups Trio
6:00pm    Closed/Sound checks

Saturday Night

7:30pm    Ryan Young and Jenn Butterworth
8:30pm    VRï
9:45pm    The Churchfitters
11:30pm    Close

Sunday Daytime

12:00pm    Dance Workshop with Karen Pierce and Ken Humphreys
1:30pm    Closed/Sound checks
2:00pm    The Owl Light Trio
3:00pm    Phoebe Rees
4:00pm    The Rheingans Sisters
5:00pm    John Kirkpatrick
6:00pm    Closed/Sound checks

Sunday Night

7:30pm    Martyn Joseph
8:30pm    Lady Maisery
9:45pm    Leveret
11:00pm    Close

Please note that while we will make every effort to keep to the published schedule, programme details are subject to change.